Using Polls? Generate Revenue!

Opinion Stage now offers a few options for generating revenues from opinion polls running on your site or mobile app, following are a few examples:

1) Display contextual ads in different locations inside the poll

2) Display a contextual ads before displaying the result (vote to try it out)

3) Display content discovery / ads under the poll

4) Redirect traffic from your polls to converting landing pages based on side vote:

5) Display lead generating polls:

6) Display video ads (the video iteself, or pre/post rolls)

Besides the above options, we offer our customers many additional variations, in all of them you can select whether to manage the advertisement yourself or let Opinion Stage manage it for you. For more information on our revenue generating features, contact us!


The Opinion Stage Report Dashboard

General results Following is a short overview of the main features of the Opinion Stage report dashboard: 1) Optimize your poll by different criteria: View the poll optimization dashboard to discover how well your poll is performing and get improvement suggestions: a) Improve voting engagement – The easiest way to track engagement on polls, is by tracking […] Continue reading →

Introducing Poll Sets

Poll sets Opinion Polls are one of the most engaging types of content. Poll Sets take this engagement to a new level, by displaying multiple polls in one location. Following is an example of a poll set (vote to try it out): To create a set: 1) Click on the “Sets” tab in the Opinion Stage dashboard […] Continue reading →

Introducing Placements

What's your motivation for using social polls? While you can embed a poll directly into your web page, in some scenarios you don’t want to copy code each time you create a new poll. For this scenario, it is recommended to use placements. With placements, you can copy the code only once to your site, and then decide which polls or sets […] Continue reading →

Optimist or Realist?

Poll - Optimist or Pessimist? You might argue that you can’t really select between the two – you are born and raised to either be an optimist or a realist. But if you could select, which of the two is a better way to live by? An optimist that always knows how to see the good, but might sometimes dismiss […] Continue reading →

Philosophy poll – Does god exist?

Poll on god existence There are many different ways to approach this existential question. People that believe in god or in the existence of a divine entity often claim that the world is such a wonderful creation, that it must have been planned, and it can’t possibly be a random creation as explained by science. People that don’t believe […] Continue reading →

How to maximize social sharing

poll social sharing screen The easiest way to track social sharing, is to track the number of times the poll/votes were shared divided by the number of times the sharing prompt was displayed to voters. So for example, if 100 social sharing prompts were displayed to voter, and there were 25 actual shares, the social sharing is 25% There […] Continue reading →