Video Tutorials

April 24, 2017

Following are a series of video tutorials to help you get started with Opinion Stage Opinion Stage Quick Overview: How to create a Poll on Opinion Stage (Part 1/2 – the [...]

How to Make a Great Contact Form

May 17, 2017

Tips for making a great Contact Form: Think about your audience: have a clear concept of who the audience is, and what is the information they will feel comfortable sharing [...]

How To Make a Great Slideshow

May 15, 2017

Tips for making a great Slideshow: Think about your audience: as with all engaging content, the most crucial thing for great slideshows is having a clear concept of who the [...]

How To Make A Great Survey

May 10, 2017

How to create a Survey on Opinion Stage: Go to your dashboard, click on “Create” and then on “Survey” Choose a title and cover image for the survey (for example, [...]

How to Use a Quiz to Generate Leads

April 11, 2017

Quizzes are one of the most effective methods of lead generation out there – much more so than a static, unengaging contact form.  Higher Fill Rate and Automatic [...]

How to Create a Viral Quiz

April 4, 2017

Not all quizzes were created equal, and if you want to create a viral quiz, there are a few, simple rules to keep in mind. If you’re ready to create your own viral quiz, [...]

How to Write an Effective Quiz Title

March 28, 2017

An online quiz is only as good as its title. Why, you might ask? Because, much like with first impressions, you only get to make it once. A great quiz with a boring title [...]
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