Poll Styles

We recently updated the poll styles.

Following are examples of the built-in multiple-choice styles:


What do you think?

Following are examples of the built-in head-to-head styles:


What do you think?

Don’t like the built-in poll styles? Create your own style so that it perfectly fits your website or mobile app!


Using Polls? Generate Revenue!

ad20 Opinion Stage now offers a few options for generating revenues from opinion polls running on your site or mobile app, following are a few examples: 1) Attach a contextual ad on the bottom of the poll 2) Display a contextual ad before displaying the result (vote to try it out) 3) Display content discovery / ads […] Continue reading →

The Opinion Stage Report Dashboard

General results Following is a short overview of the main features of the Opinion Stage report dashboard: 1) Optimize your poll by different criteria: View the poll optimization dashboard to discover how well your poll is performing and get improvement suggestions: a) Improve voting engagement – The easiest way to track engagement on polls, is by tracking […] Continue reading →

Introducing Poll Sets

Poll sets Opinion Polls are one of the most engaging types of content. Poll Sets take this engagement to a new level, by displaying multiple polls in one location. Following is an example of a poll set (vote to try it out): To create a set: 1) Click on the “Sets” tab in the Opinion Stage dashboard […] Continue reading →

Introducing Poll Containers

What's your motivation for using social polls? While you can embed a poll directly into your web page, in some scenarios you don’t want to copy code each time you create a new poll. For this scenario, it is recommended to use containers. With containers, you can copy the code only once to your site, and then decide which polls or sets […] Continue reading →

Optimist or Realist?

Poll - Optimist or Pessimist? You might argue that you can’t really select between the two – you are born and raised to either be an optimist or a realist. But if you could select, which of the two is a better way to live by? An optimist that always knows how to see the good, but might sometimes dismiss […] Continue reading →