The Opinion Stage Report Dashboard

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Following is a short overview of the main features of the Opinion Stage report dashboard:

1) Optimize your poll by different criteria:

View the poll optimization dashboard to discover how well your poll is performing and get improvement recommendations:

Poll Restuls

a) Improve voting engagement – The easiest way to track engagement on polls, is by tracking the voting engagement, which is the number of votes the poll received divided by the number of unique page views of the page in which the poll is displayed, more information here.

b) Promote social sharing - The best way to track social sharing effectiveness, is to track the number of times the poll/votes were shared divided by the number of times the sharing prompt was displayed to voters, more information here.

c) Increase traffic - the main traffic increase to social polls comes from clicks on social shares (from Facebook, Twitter & Google)  that were created when voters shared their poll vote, more information here.

2) View general results

General results

3) View results using social, demographic & behavioral filters:

a) Filter by Public / Anonymous voting

Public poll votes

b) Filter by social network belonging

Poll results by social network belonging

c) Filter by Gender

poll by gender results

d) Filter by Geographic location

Poll go results

e) Filter by Time frame

Poll Time Filter

You can also view the full list of voters for each side:

Voter lists

Introducing Poll Sets

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Introducing Poll Containers

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How to maximize social sharing

poll social sharing screen The easiest way to track social sharing, is to track the number of times the poll/votes were shared divided by the number of times the sharing prompt was displayed to voters. So for example, if 100 social sharing prompts were displayed to voter, and there were 25 actual shares, the social sharing is 25% There […] Continue reading →