Add a Facebook poll

You can display any poll in more than one location in parallel, for example on your site and also on your Facebook page, or two or more Facebook pages.

Follow these steps to add a Facebook poll:

1) From the dashboard, locate the poll you would like to add to your Facebook page tab

2) Click on “Embed” next to your desired poll


3) In the window that shows up, select the “Facebook” tab and click the “Add to Facebook” button

4) From the Facebook window that pops up, select the Facebook page you would like to add the poll to and click “Add Page Tab”:


You’re done!

Following is an example of a head-to-head type poll embedded in a Facebook page:


Following is an example of a multiple-choice type poll embedded in a Facebook page:

multiple choice

A few notes to help you out with this feature:

  • This feature does not require you to log in to Opinion Stage using Facebook. However, when you click the “Add to Facebook” link you need to be logged in on Facebook with admin permissions for the page you want the poll to be added to (if you created the Facebook page, you automatically have admin permissions to it).
  • After adding the “Poll” tab to your Facebook page, we recommended adding a poll post to your timeline as well, just add an image, text and link to the poll tab
  • MJcott

    An interesting way to extend your engagement using social media.

  • SocialKid1

    Perfect way to add polls to facebook