Affiliate Marketing Use Case

Using interactive content is one of the most effective ways of increasing your affiliate commissions. With Opinion Stage’s quizzes, you can ask your visitors a series of questions visitors and then directs them to a particular outcome, i.e., product suggestion based on their answers.

Creating your questions

It’s important to keep your affiliate marketing quizzes short. The shorter you can make them, the more likely people will view your offer at the end. You should aim to keep your quizzes between 5 to 10 questions and only use 2 to 3 results. This will make them easier to create.

Below is an example of an affiliate marketing quiz that you can use as inspiration.

The questions you use in your affiliate quiz should center around the specific benefits and features people want in the product. For example, you can create a quiz asking “Which hosting plan is right for you?” and then promote 2 or 3 cost-effective hosting plans from your affiliate networks at the end of the quiz.

Tracking Performance

Opinion Stage provides several analytics features to track the effectiveness of your affiliate quiz on your site. The key to getting a lot of conversions is to continually test your quizzes and make changes based on what works.

Create your affiliate quiz today!

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