Brand Awareness Campaigns based on Interactive Content

Brands are creating more native content campaigns than ever, since they increasingly find them more effective than standard advertisement.

Interactive content is great for running these native content campaigns since it’s content formats provide outstanding engagement & sharing rates.

Attract your audience

To start with, interactive formats will help you capture your audiences attention across all devices. By knowing your audience and what will stir their emotion, you can get them to interact with the content in outstanding rates. Many of our quizzes get over 80% participation (# started the quiz / # viewed the quiz), and over 90% completion rates (# completed the quiz / # started the quiz). No other type of content produces such impressive engagement numbers.

Get your audience engaged

Interactive formats are a great way to increase the time that users spend on your branded content. Well crafted quizzes & slideshows for example, get averages of over 4 minutes time spent on them in average, outperforming almost all other content formats in this respect as well.

As an example, let’s take a brand that targets audiences interested in healthy food. Following is an outcome quiz that will stir emotion & action from this audience:

Drive traffic from social networks

Interactive content is one of the most shared types of content  (getting up to 15% sharing rates). When well crafted, interactive content can easily get viral on social networks. For more information on driving traffic from social networks, click here.

Measure everything

With Opinion Stage, you’ll be able to measure every aspect of the campaign including, the # of users that saw the content, # that started engaging with it, # that completed the engagement, time they spent on the content, drop-off reports, result reports, responses report and more. All this information you can also export for advanced analyzing. Here is an example of how the summary report of an outcome quiz looks like:

Customize for your brand

With Opinion Stage you can customize and brand every aspect of your content, starting from selecting the fonts, colors & sizes and all the way to using css override to change every single detail. You can also white label the content completely to give your audience the impression that you developed the content formats yourself.

Integrate with marketing automation

Opinion Stage has built-in integrations (e.g. mailchimp, hubspot, etc), supports mediators (e.g. zapier) and also offers in API for more advanced integrations. With Opinion Stage you’ll be able to fully integrate with your existing marketing systems to easily integrate it in your business environments.

Create interactive content to promote your brand!

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    Got great results with outcome quiz with this. will try trivia quizzes next!