Contests & Competitions

Opinion Stage polls & quizzes are ideal for running online contests and competitions, because they include all the functionality to conduct a competition/contest that is highly engaging, accountable & shareable.

Poll based competitions

Opinion Stage polls are great for running competitions/contest that allow users to vote for their preferred selection, be it a person, an object, or anything else for that matter.

Opinion Stage polls have a lot of features that are focused on making it a great competition/contest tool, these include:

  • Block repeat voting by cookies & IP to prevent cheat voting
  • Require a social profile (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, G+) in order to be able to vote to further enhance the validity and make the competition more interesting (users can view the social profiles of other voters in this case)
  • Gather contact details as part of the poll flow (so you have the information to contact the prize winner) by integrating a lead form in the poll
  • Enhanced reports that let you examine all the important statistics of the competition (e.g. the result break-down, how many people viewed it, how many people participated and more)
  • Poll sharing features to maximize the social reach of the competition
  • Automatically close the poll for voting at a designated time
  • Determine if the results ¬†are / are-not hidden from the voters
  • Fully customize the look & feel of the poll
  • Run image based polls (large images or thumbnails) to improve the way the candidates are presented
  • Optionally allow user to change vote until the competition is closed
  • Determine whether you want to display the # of voters, the % each side got or both
  • More…

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Trivia quiz based contests

Trivia quiz contest are usually based on challenging your users to get the maximum correct answers in the minimum time, in order to win a prize.

It is recommended to create a highly visual quiz (with images/videos) and select mid-range difficult questions, so the quiz stays both engaging (not too difficult) and challenging (not too easy).

Before completing the quiz, you should integrate a lead form, so that you can gather contact information of the users to contact the prize winners. This is a often used to enhance your email list as well.

After the contest is completed, you can get the full results in the statistics tab. Specifically, you will be looking for the contact information of the user that got the most correct answers in the least of time.

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