Drive Traffic via Social Sharing

Using interactive content is a great way to drive traffic from social networks since interactive content offers very high sharing rates.

To maximize the traffic produced from shares of interactive content, we should be asking ourselves 3 questions:

1) How do we get users that are visiting our content to engage with it, thus building the sharing potential

2) How do we get these users incentivized enough to share the content in their social networks or social circles

3) How do we get users that view a shared content post to engage with it and then click on it – driving more traffic to our content

Get users engaged

Interactive content formats such as polls, quizzes and lists are probably the most engaging types of online content formats.

As an example, well crafted quizzes in some topic domains can consistently get you over 80% participation (# started the quiz / # viewed the quiz), and over 90% completion rates (# completed the quiz / # started the quiz). Lists that spark interest can get users to spend long minutes on them. Polls that ask controversial questions can get participation spikes. And the list goes on. These high engagement rates elevate the contents value and impact. To learn how to maximize the engagement rates of each of these content formats visit our respective content format tutorials.

Get users to share

Most interactive content formats such as quizzes, polls, lists & slideshows produce exceptionally high social sharing rates compared to static content since they get the user more involved in the content, and therefore more inclined to share it. Well crafted interactive content perfectly taps into the psychological mechanisms that prompt users to share.

Why do people share content?

While there are a lot of reasons that people share content, the majority of cases fall into the following categories:

  1. It’s focused on me – people are always intrigued to discover something about themselves, and are highly inclined to share this information. So quizzes such as “What is the profession that suits you best?” OR “What is your mental age?”, “How good are you at math?” or anything else that let’s us learn something new about ourselves, will not only get us to participate, but also to share with our ¬†friends and followers.
  2. It makes me feel good  Рmost posts people share about themselves in social networks are positive, showing their better sides. Quizzes are a great way to tap into this tendency. So for example a trivia quiz in which a user gets a very good result, will be highly shared. An outcome quiz, in which a user gets a result that says something nice about him/her, will often get shared.
  3. It compares me to others  Рwe are always ranking and comparing ourselves to others. So learning what the majority of people think vs. what I think is information that we like to share. That is one of the reasons why polls work very well in sharing.
  4. It is amusing – many quizzes are built so that the results are amusing, and people love sharing funny information with their friends and followers.
  5. It’s interesting – lists and slideshows often teach us stuff or offer information in a highly digestible format. That is why they are one of the most shared types of content on the net.
  6. It’s a conversation starter – due to the dynamic and personal nature of interactive content it’s a great conversational starter on social networks. It therefore works really well for those of us that love starting social conversations based on something they shared.

Tips to increase social sharing

  1. Keep a positive tone – people tend to share positive content (especially about themselves), so even if a user got a bad result on a trivia quiz, keep the message positive (e.g. “It’s a good start…”).
  2. Prompt to share – research has shown that explicitly prompting the users to share (e.g. “Share your result”, “Share your opinion”, etc) dramatically improves the chances users will share your content.
  3. Optimize the shared image & texts – verify that you have a title that draws attention, a striking image to share and description that will improve the chances the user will stay focused on the share and clicks on it.
  4. Offer multiple sharing options – while the majority of users are members of the most popular social networks such as Facebook & Twitter, there is a huge amount of users that share content regularly on all the rest such as Pinterest, Reddit, Google+ & Tumbler. Therefore Opinion Stage sharing component highlights the most popular networks, but has additional ones easily accessible.


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