Educating Your Users


Looking to educate your users on a specific topic? We can help.


Educating Users Through Trivia Quizzes

Opinion Stage trivia quizzes provide a perfect opportunity to relay information to your users. This could be anything from the history of your brand to the history of the Olympic Games. (In fact, we’ve provided two such examples below!) 


Additional Information In Answers

A great way to give users additional information is by using the trivia quiz feature that allows you to add additional information once each question’s correct answer is revealed. You’ll find this feature employed in both the examples below.


Here are examples of two informative, engaging trivia quizzes. The first is on the history of the Olympic Games:


The second highlights Playboy’s cultural history, in keeping with their current rebranding efforts:


These trivia quizzes are engaging and fun, while educating users on specific issues. 


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