Extract Actionable Insights with Interactive Content

For extracting insights, Opinion Stage offers both survey & quiz tools.

Opinion Stage Survey tools offer superior conversion rates compared to standard survey services due to their interactive and visual attributes.

Opinion Stage Quiz tools offer a great indirect way to gather insights, as data is gathered while users participate in a playful quiz, resulting with great conversion rates and more authentic responses.

Generate Insights with Outcome Quizzes

Outcome quizzes offer great opportunities to extract valuable insights. Because, users get to discover something new and exciting about themselves, while you get to discover information about them.

In the example below, users are invited to find out what kind of foodie they are by answering a series of questions on their eating habits. The responses to these questions allow you to generate a profile of each specific user: from whether they prefer red to white wine to how often they eat out. It also offers you aggregate statistics on all the users that filled the quiz.

Click on the image to view a live example:

Outcome Quizzes have 2 main built-in psychological mechanisms that boost participation rates in a magnitude of order compared to standard surveys. The first mechanism builds upon the basic curiosity of users to discover something about themselves (e.g. “What type of investor are you?”, “How do you keep up with fashion trends?”, etc). The second mechanism is the curiosity of users to discover things about other users, in particular their friends or people they follow in social networks.

Click here for a tutorial on creating outcome quizzes

Authentic feedback

Users participating in a quiz, with the promise of discovering something about themselves are most likely to be very authentic & truthful about their answers, otherwise the quiz outcome won’t have much meaning for them. One of the main problems with standard surveys, is that users have a low motivation to participate. This is usually solved by offering an incentive for participation. But while incentives are helpful in getting people to participate, they often result with low authenticity in the replies, with the users often focused on completing the survey quickly to get the incentive.

Generate Insights with Surveys

Opinion Stage also offers surveys as a more direct way to gather insights. Due to their interactive & visual attributes and to their mobile first based design they outperform all standard (e.g. SurveyMonkey) type of surveys.

Click on the image to view a live example:

Click here for a tutorial on creating surveys

Measure & track everything

Beside the standard result reports, with Opinion Stage, you’ll be able to measure every aspect of the engagement including the # of users that saw the content, # that started engaging with it, # that completed the engagement, time they spent on the content, drop-off reports, result reports, responses report and more. All this information you can also exported for advanced analyzing.

Follow up research

Opinion Stage supports 2 mechanisms for follow up research:

1) Gathering the user contact information as part of filling the survey/quiz. You can use that information to follow up with the user for deeper research (on top of what you got from his answers in the quiz)

2) Opinion Stage let’s you add tracking pixels to the survey/quiz. That let’s you get different users back to different landing pages, based on the answers they provided in the poll/quiz for follow up research

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