Filter poll results using social, demographic and behavioral filters

This feature lets you filter poll results by different social & demographic filters.

While all the supported filters can be viewed in the report dashboard by the poll creator, you can also configure some of the filters to be displayed on the poll interface for all users to see.

These are the supported filters:

1) Public / Anonymous – the public filter displays results based on the public votes that were made using a social profile (Facebook, Twitter, Google). The anonymous filter displays results based on anonymous votes. Anonymous votes can be either votes cast without a social profile (in social polls/standard polls) or votes in which the voter requested to hide the vote when voting with a social profile (social polls / social votes)

Public poll votes

2) Gender – results based on votes done by Men / Women using Facebook or Google+ profiles

poll by gender results

3) Social – results based on votes cast using a Facebook / Twitter / Google+ profile

Poll results by social network belonging

4) Time frame – results based on votes cast within a time frame you configure

Poll Time Filter

5) Geographic location – results based on votes cast from a specific country orcity

Poll go results

For each filter, you can view the full list of voters:

Voter lists

  • opstage

    cool filters!

  • poll creator

    cool filters!

  • zinyou_l

    great way to extract voting data.