Generate Leads Using Interactive Content

Interactive content offers you a great way to generate leads for your business.

Outstanding engagement

You’ll discover that interactive content is probably the best performing type of online content there is.

As an example, well crafted quizzes in some topic domains can consistently get you over 80% participation (# started the quiz / # viewed the quiz), and over 90% completion rates (# completed the quiz / # started the quiz). No other type of content produces such impressive engagement numbers.

Interactive content works great for generating leads

As discussed, interactive content offers outstanding engagement rates. Building on these engagement rates for generating leads works great, offering up to 500% improvement compared to static forms. The reason it performs so well, is because once people are invested in your content, they are much more likely to submit their contact details than they would in a stand alone static form. Moreover, if you provide proper incentives to submit contact information, it multiplies this tendency. Incentives can include, viewing the results of a quiz only after entering the contact details, offering a discount, a prize, a consultation service, getting something valuable via email, and more.

Generate leads examples

There are many different ways you can generate leads using interactive content. Following are 2 simple examples of lead generating interactive content:

Poll Example:

Quiz Example:

Generate leads that are qualified & segmented

Using interactive content to generate leads, will not only get you much more leads but will also get you higher quality leads. That is because each lead will be associated with all the answers the user gave to the different questions in the poll/quiz. This will allow you to generate leads that are qualified & segmented.

For example, lets say one of the questions in the quiz is the user budget, and another the user travel preferences. You will know how to follow up with a tailored offer to each user that maximizes the chance the user will convert to become a paying / loyal customer.

Interactive content formats

With Opinion Stage, you can use the following interactive formats to generate leads: polls, trivia quizzes, outcomes quizzes, surveys & slideshows. Selecting the type of interactive content format that generates the best leads depends on the scenario and your content domain. Select the type of content that will be the most appealing for your users and that will provide you with enough information to qualify and segment the leads you get.

Call for action button

It is recommended that when the user completes interacting with the content, in the last screen you add a call for action button with text that explains why the user should take the action. This offers you an additional opportunity (in addition to the lead generation form) to improve the chances the user becomes a lead or completes a purchase.

Track & Optimize Everything

With Opinion Stage, you’ll be able to measure every aspect of the engagement including the # of users that saw the content, # that started engaging with it, # that completed the engagement, time they spent on the content, drop-off reports, result reports, responses report and more. All this information you can also exported for advanced analyzing. Following is an example of the summary report in the analytics dashboard:

Getting users back after they leave

Opinion Stage let’s you add tracking pixels to the different screens displayed in the interactive content. You can also configure to “fire” tracking pixels based on the answers users provided in the different questions. Built-in integrations include Facebook pixels & Adwords pixels. Utilizing Google tag manager you can integrate with any other tracking pixel you like. This let’s you track qualified leads after they leave your site and target different users with different messages to get them back to your site/landing pages.

Marketing automation integration

While you’ll be able to access all the gathered leads directly from the Opinion Stage dashboard, you can also configure to automatically send these leads to your marketing / email automation software. Opinion Stage offers direct integrations (e.g. mailchimp, hubspot, etc), an API integration and integrations using Zapier. This will let you to seamlessly integrate with your existing lead generation process.

Create your first lead generating interactive content item!

  • lauramarketing

    Fantastic way to generate leads! getting 5X more leads now, thanks for this!

  • tyoachim

    I’ve been gathering leads for the past 3 years, wish I knew about this option earlier! It outperforms by a margin all other methods, and is really nice on the content side too.

  • zeelter

    I use polls for gathering leads and it works very well, mostly like the fact that it’s really easy to set up. plan to start gathering leads with quizzes as well, we’ll see how that goes.

  • leaderguy1

    yup, this does wonders with my lead generation efforts. can I customize the lead form?

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