Generating User Insights


Opinion Stage gives you two primary ways to generate insights on users: 1) Directly via surveys and 2) Indirectly via quizzes. This article will focus on indirect options for generating user insights. (For more information about how to use surveys to generate user insights, see our dedicated blog post.)


Creating Personal Quizzes that Generate Insights

Outcome quizzes offer terrific opportunities to extract valuable insights from users while they engage with fun content. Essentially, users get to discover something new and exciting about themselves, while you get to discover information about them.

In the example below, users are invited to find out what kind of foodie they are by answering a series of questions on their eating habits. The responses to these questions allow you to generate a profile of the specific user: from whether they prefer red to white wine to how often they eat out.

Here’s the example: 


Start generating user insights with an outcome quiz!