Generating Leads

Opinion Stage offers amazing opportunities to connect with your audience through polls and quizzes. One of the best additional features allows you to generate leads. So, how exactly does it work? We have three unique methods to help you with generating leads and reaching out.

1) Generating Leads by Gathering Emails and Other Contact Information 

Using this feature, participants are required to submit their email addresses (or any other contact information you specify) before they are able to view the poll/quiz results. This allows you to reach out to the users who participate in your site’s polls and quizzes. You’ll find this feature under the Lead Generation section in the poll/quiz creation forms.

In terms of organizing the leads you gather, you have two options:

A) Export leads with Detailed Information 

It’s possible to export all the contact information associated with the poll votes or with the quiz participation data. You’ll find this feature under Stats.


As well, you can also access all the contact information via our API.

Here’s a lead generation example that shows email gathering:

2) Generating Leads Using Redirect on Vote

You can also use the redirect on vote feature to generate high-quality leads. This allows you to redirect users to different URLs based on their votes. You can configure it in the Lead Generation section of the poll creation form.

Here’s an example:

3) Generating Leads via Social Profile voting

Social profile voting is when voters’ social profiles (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) are gathered as they vote. Not only does this allow you to discover more about your users’ demographics, it’s also another way to make contact. You can access this feature under Social Settings in the poll creation form.

Here’s an example:

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  • marketace1

    Fantastic! quadrupled the number of leads I am generating + wealth of meta data. Thanks for this!