Generate Ad Revenue using Interactive Content

Interactive Content is one of the most engaging types of content, and therefore has great potential in helping publishers with high traffic volumes to increase their ad revenue.

How Interactive Content helps with ad revenue

There are 4 ways in which interactive content can help with your ad revenue:

1) Page ads – using interactive content on your site, will both dramatically increase the amount of time users spend on your site, and will also drive new traffic to your site via social sharing. This will result with more revenue from the existing ads on your site.

2) Integrated ads – building on the high engagement levels of interactive content, you can integrate ads inside the interface of the interactive content formats. This will result with a much higher ad CPM than if the ads were displayed external to the content (up to 3X). You can view a few examples below of how this will look like

3) Ad refresh – since interactive content is based on transitioning between pages/cards, you can configure to display different ads inside/outside the content on each transition.

4) Page refresh – with quizzes, you can configure that as the user answers the quiz questions, the host page is refreshed. So for a quiz of 10 questions, you will get 10 page views all with new ad impressions.


Following is an example of an ad  integrated in a quiz:

Following is an example of an ad  integrated in polls. In this example, the ad is refreshed for each poll that is displayed:

Who manages the ads?

Publishers can select between:

1) Managing the ads using their existing ad partners (in this case, we will integrate ad code you send us into your content)

2) Letting Opinion Stage manage the ads (available in certain geographies for sites that have over 2 million monthly views on pages with interactive content)

Create Interactive Content for Boosting Ad Revenue!

  • monetizeagent

    Adds a really nice and effective additional source of revenue to my website.

  • malcom5n

    Took us just 10 minutes to start generating revenue based on polls we were running on our site anyways, really great!

  • malkolman

    Do the ads support all GEO’s?

    • opstage

      Yes, the ads we manage support all GEO’s

  • ranflame

    Great engagement and great CPM’s , exceeded my expectations!

    • opstage


  • adster1

    good stuff, happy I discovered this.

  • zorento

    click through rates are great, now I just need to create a lot of interactive content (:

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