How to Generate Revenue Using Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage offers you opportunities to generate revenue while your users engage with interactive content.

Here is an example of an ad  integrated in a quiz:

Here is an example of an ad  integrated in polls. In this example, the ad is refreshed for each poll that is displayed:



Generating Ad Revenue: What Are Your Options?

Publishers can select between:

1) Managing the ads using their existing ad partners

2) Allowing Opinion Stage to manage the ads to maximize revenue for the publisher – available for sites that have over 1 million monthly page views


  • monetizeagent

    Adds a really nice and effective additional source of revenue to my website.

  • malcom5n

    Took us just 10 minutes to start generating revenue based on polls we were running on our site anyways, really great!

  • malkolman

    Do the ads support all GEO’s?

    • opstage

      Yes, the ads we manage support all GEO’s

  • ranflame

    Great engagement and great CPM’s , exceeded my expectations!

    • opstage