How to create a site section based on interactive content

Opinion Stage now let’s you create a full interactive content section on your site.

The interactive content section can include Trivia Quizzes, Outcome Quizzes, Polls, and Surveys.

Here is an example of how it could look on your site:


Click here to see a live example

The interactive content in the section, can either be created by you or be based on top content we provide.

We also offer a service in which we create the content in the section for you (contact us about that if relevant).

Follow these steps to embed a section on your site:

  1. Open the Opinion Stage Content Dashboard
  2. Click on the Embed section button


3.  Select the “My Content” tab for creating a content section based on your content, or on the “Top Content” tab for creating a section based on pre-made content

4. Copy the code and paste it in a section/page on your site