Introducing: Outcome Quizzes

We’re proud to present a valuable new addition to our set of content tools: the outcome quiz.

Outcome quizzes have long been one of the most popular types of interactive content on the Internet, and now you can easily make your own – to attract, engage, and retain readers.

Examples include: “What Pet Animal Are You“, or “What Is Your Most Dominant Trait“, or “Which Original Trilogy Star Wars Hero Are You?

What sets a outcome quiz apart from other types of interactive content is that you create different possible results, and then connect answers to quiz questions with specific results. People’s answers will increase their score for connected results, and the result they score highest for is what they get!

Why an outcome quiz goes viral

One of the things that makes outcome quizzes so engaging and viral is how people feel about the results. Whether they feel the result is accurate or totally silly, they will be quite likely to share it on social networks and see what their friends think.

Like all Opinion Stage content, you can embed outcome quizzes on your site and take advantage of that viral potential. When people share their results on social networks, they share whatever page you embedded the quiz on!

To see how an embedded outcome quiz looks, check out this one we made:

Start creating Outcome Quizzes

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Making outcome quizzes is easy, but making great ones takes practice.

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