How To Make a Great Slideshow

Tips for making a great Slideshow:

  • Think about your audience: as with all engaging content, the most crucial thing for great slideshows is having a clear concept of who the audience is, and matching the content to their interests, needs, and abilities. Make sure the slideshow content is interesting to your audience.
  • Select a good number of slides: displaying too many slides will cause your audience to get tired and abandon the slideshow. We recommend anywhere between 10-15 slides to be a good balance, although it depends on your objectives
  • Use images: Images catch people’s eyes and imaginations, attracting attention to your slideshow and keeping participants around. You can find plenty of great images online which can be reused freely so long as you provide attribution. We made a list of our favorite sources. Also, view our image size recommendations.
  • Keep it clear and short: Slideshows look best and perform best when you keep the slides short, making it easy to scroll through the content quickly. While you should verify the text you display in each slide adds real value to the user, don’t write text that is too long
  • Keep the mystery alive: creating a slideshow that let’s you discover the top ranking items as you scroll through it usually works really well
  • Countdown works well: numbering the slide title and counting down or up is a good engagement method
  • Choose a good theme: Select (or create) a theme that fits in with your site’s look & feel, but also makes the slideshow stand out

Slideshow example:

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