How To Make A Great Survey

How to create a Survey:

  1. Go to your dashboard, click on “Create” and then on “Survey”
  2. Choose a title and cover image for the survey
  3. Create the closed and open-ended questions of your survey using the different question types
  4. You can save a draft to save your progress and continue later, and when you’re ready you can just click “Publish” and you’re done – the survey goes live.

Recommended Steps for planning a Survey:

  1. Start by figuring out what are the objectives of creating the survey – what are the decisions you are trying to make that the survey will help you with
  2. Determine the data that you need to gather in order to be able to make these decisions
  3. Write the survey questions so that users answer them unbiased
  4. Test the surveys on some colleagues or friends before sending it out to a wider audience and ask for feedback
  5. Verify that the audience you are sending the final survey to will produce the data you need

Tips for creating a great survey:

  • Keep the survey short – this improves the chances your users will answer with their full attention. Surveys that are too long cause people to start scrolling through them without taking the time to answer properly
  • Verify there is a good motivation to answer the survey – think of the user, so instead of saying “Help us improve the product”, say “Help us make the product better for you”
  • Make the survey engaging – Opinion Stage is designed to allow integrating media (e.g. images, videos, etc) in different ways, use this option to make the questions visually appealing. Images catch people’s eyes and imaginations, attracting attention to your survey and keeping participants around. Choose good-looking images, especially for the survey cover photo. Check out our favorite sources for good-looking free images. View our image size recommendations here.
  • Use close-ended questions whenever possible – these are easier to answer
  • For closed-ended questions, configure that the order of the answers is random to avoid a bias towards answers that are displayed first
  • Order the survey in a logical way – place the main/important questions first and place the questions that are easier to answer first (for example close-ended questions, before open questions)
  • Verify the number of submissions is large enough to represent your audience

Survey Example:

Create a Survey!

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