Maximize social sharing

There are a few methods to maximize social sharing of your polls. Doing so can help drive traffic back to your site.

The first step to maximizing social sharing is to track it – tracking the number of times the poll was shared divided by the number of times the sharing prompt was displayed to voters. So for example, if 100 social sharing prompts were displayed to voters, and there were 25 actual shares, the social sharing is 25%

There are two ways in which voters share the poll/vote:

a) Via an automatic prompt after voting. The automatic prompt detects the social network the voter belongs to and accordingly offers to share the vote on the relevant social network. So for example, if a voter used their Facebook profile for voting, they will be prompted to share the vote in Facebook

poll social sharing screen

b) By clicking on one of the poll sharing icons (note that you can configure whether or not the sharing tab is displayed in each poll’s settings)


A few ways you can maximize social sharing:

1) Verify that the auto-sharing setting is on (you can find it in the social sharing section in the edit poll form) so that after voting, the voter will be automatically prompted to share the vote.

2) Require social profile based voting since there is a much higher chance that a user voting with a social profile will share the vote compared to anonymous voters.

3) Optimize the social share, to improve the chances that when the voter is prompted to share the vote, they will actually share the vote. Opinion Stage offers features for setting the text and image displayed in the social shares of each of the major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, to help you make them as appealing as possible.

Use the Opinion Stage dashboard to track & maximize the social sharing ratio.