Online polls – why do people vote?

Online polls have been around from the first days of the Internet. Most content sites have tried using online polls in some form or other at some point of time, many use it regularly.

But what motivates people to vote in online polls?

1)      Self expression – similar to the reason that people comment on articles, they also vote on polls. Voting on online polls is much easier, so participation is usually higher by an order of magnitude compared to comments.

2)      Influence something – influencing the result of the poll is a common motivation to participate in polls. When it comes to social polls, it’s also a great motivator to share the poll results among friends and followers to declare your opinion and get your friends to help the side you support win.

3)      Discover the results – a common “trick” to get people voting in online polls, is to hide the results, revealing them to the user only after they vote.

4)      Win something – we often see sites organizing raffles in which a prize is given out to a selected number of participants in the poll.

Vote in online polls to express, influence, discover or win.

The best indication of whether a poll is working (i.e. causing people to vote) is the ratio between views and votes. There are various factors that influence this, the first being the motivation to vote. Others include, the location of the poll on the page, how large/prominent it is, how the answers are structured and more. We have a huge database of polls, showing which polls work great and which ones don’t perform as well. We’d be happy to use our experience to assist you in running an effective polling project. Contact us if you need any help with it, we’re always happy to help.