Opinion Polls

Integrating Opinion Stage polls in your content for gathering opinions is great for boosting engagement, gaining more traffic, for learning what your users think about topics your content deals with & for gathering leads.

Easy to create

One of the clear advantages of using opinion polls is the ease of creation. All you need to do is come up with a relevant question and a few answers, optionally add an image/video, and you’re set to go. It can literally take 2 minutes to post your first poll.

Get people to participate & share

Polls inherently get fantastic participation rates. However, to maximize the participation in your polls, you should verify you tap into the reasons for voting:

1) Self-expression – crafting questions that say something meaningful about the person that answers them (his opinions, preferences, etc), increases participation & social sharing

2) Discover the results – a common “trick” to get people voting in online polls, is to hide the results, revealing them to the user only after they vote (that is actually the default with Opinion Stage polls)

3) Influence something – influencing the result of the poll is a common motivation to participate. It’s also a great motivator to share the poll results and your vote among friends and followers to get them to help the side you support win.

4) Win something – we often see sites organizing contests/competitions in which a prize is given out to a selected number of participants in the poll. Click here to read more about competitions.

Track results

Opinion Stage statistic dashboard lets you track the results of the poll in real-time (with details including the vote, time stamp, IP, etc). It also lets you discover the engagement rates of the poll. This will help you optimize the questions you ask to maximize engagement.

Gather leads

Polls are often used as lead magnets. Due to the fact that it is easy to place them in almost any kind of content and that they get great participation rates, integrating a lead form in them can be highly effective. Click here for more information on generating leads.

Block repeat voting

In some scenarios, you may be concerned that users abuse the poll system and vote multiple times on the same poll. For that, Opinion Stage offers various mechanisms to block repeat voting:

1) Block using cookies – this is not very strong, as users can just delete cookies from their browser settings and vote again

2) Block using IP addresses – this is much stronger and more than enough for most of the cases, however a more sophisticated hacker can overcome this by writing a bot that switches IP’s automatically – not easy, but possible

3) Block using social profile voting – in this case we allow voting only by using a social profile (Facebook, Google, Twitter)

Usually #2 is enough, but if that doesn’t suffice, we recommend using #2 & #3 together. In addition, after the vote ends you can export all the vote results to verify there aren’t any cheat patterns.

Click here for a detailed poll creation tutorial.


Click the following image to view an example of an anonymous voting poll:

Click the following image to view an example of social profile based voting:

Create Polls for Gathering Opinions!

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