Poll Sets: Display Multiple Polls in Rotation

Polls are one of the most engaging types of content. Poll Sets take this engagement to a new level, by displaying multiple polls in rotation.

Here is an example of a poll set (vote to try it out, or use the arrows at the top to browse through the polls):

How to display multiple polls in a set

1) Click on the “My Content” tab in the Opinion Stage dashboard

2) Click on “Create New” and then “Poll Set”

3) Enter a name for the set and configure the different settings – you can configure the width, whether to display left/right arrows to browse the set’s multiple polls, the logic driving the scrolling between the polls, and more

4) Click the “Select polls” button, find the polls you would like to add to the set and add them to the set

5) Click “Create & Preview” to see how the set looks and save it in the system (after this you can safely navigate away from this page)

Reorder the polls in the set:

Simply drag & drop the polls to arrange the order in which the polls are displayed within the set.

  • Shawn steals

    Works great on my site!!

  • Max rider

    very cool!

  • raananlek

    nice, initially created a survey since wanted to have multiple questions, but this worked better for me since the viewers can see the results just after they vote in each question

  • adtechguyz

    Use it for ad-refreshes by integrating an ad inside the interface and having it refreshed each time the user sees another poll – very effective in increasing RPM.

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