How to send email leads from Opinion Stage to Mailchimp

Opinion Stage has a native integration with Mailchimp, that let’s you send email leads you capture in Opinion Stage content (e.g. polls/quizzes/surveys/forms) directly to your mailchimp account.

To configure the integration follow these steps

1) Login to

2) Copy the Mailchimp API key

a) From the main drop-down, click the “Account” menu
b) Go to the “Extras” drop-down and click “API keys”
c) Copy the API key that is displayed at the bottom of the page

3) Copy the Mailchimp List ID

a) Click on the “Lists” menu
b) In the list, you want to gather the Opinion Stage leads, click on the drop-down on the far-right and select “Settings”
c) Copy the list ID that is displayed at the bottom of the page

4) Login to

5) Enable and configure Mailchimp in the Opinion Stage lead form

a) Enable the mailchimp integration and click configure

b) Paste the Mailchmp API and the Mailchimp List ID in the form that is displayed

6) Verify form (and poll/quiz/survey) is saved and your done!


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