Social poll – what is it?

The term social poll has recently gained momentum, but there are actually a few different interpretations on what a social poll is. So I thought it would be a good idea to layout what an Opinion Stage social poll is.

An Opinion Stage social poll is an online poll that has all the features and attributes of a standard online poll, but also has an additional social layer on which the poll is built.

The social layer is comprised of three parts:

1) Social login – voting with Opinion Stage social polls is done using a social profile. Opinion Stage currently supports the most popular social logins (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), and any additional social login can be added by demand. The poll creator can decide to require the voters to vote using a social profile or allow them to optionally vote anonymously

2) Social result filter –the results can be filtered by different social attributes such as gender, age, location, people I follow, public/anonymous votes and more. The poll creator can decide which filters are displayed on the poll interface and which are only displayed in the poll dashboard for the poll creator to see. Over time we anticipate that the social meta-data attached to social profiles will continue to grow, and with it the wealth of interesting information these filters will produce.

3) Social sharing – after users vote they are automatically prompted to share their vote in the social networks they use. The poll creator can decide if the auto-sharing feature is on or off according to the topic of the poll and its location. The auto-sharing often results with a very high percentage of the votes being shared, improving the social presence of the poll/site and driving social traffic to the site in which the poll is located.