Social Profile Voting

Social profile voting integrates a user’s vote with their social media profile. When enabled, the user is prompted to login with their social profile before voting. You can configure whether the social profile is mandatory or optional for voting.

To add this feature to your poll just select which “voting type” you’re interested in under Social settings.

Benefits include:

1. Blocking Multiple Votes: Voters will only be able to vote once per social media profile, another method of preventing “cheating” with multiple votes.

2. Discovering Friend’s Opinions: Social profile voting makes it easy to see what’s the popular opinion among your friends or clients.

3. Running competitions and elections: Social profile voting makes it easy to see who voted what and contact the participants in case of need (e.g. send something to the winner, etc).

Check out the following example:


  • JohnTzer4

    very very cool social voting feature!

  • maxlorenso

    Love this feature, produces interesting info