Tumblr Slideshow – How to Add Slideshows to Your Tumblr Site

Follow these steps to add a Tumblr slideshow to your Tumblr post/page:

1) Create a slideshow using the Create a Slideshow form.

2) Locate the slideshow you created in the Dashboard and click on the “Add to Site” button next to it.

3) Click on the “Landing Page” option and copy the link.

tumblr slideshow

4) From your Tumblr account dashboard, click on the posting option labeled “Link.”

tumblr slideshow

5) Paste your URL in the box that appears and click “Post.” Feel free to add tags if needed!

tumblr slideshow

You’re done, the Opinion Stage slideshow was added to your Tumblr site!

Ready to create your first Tumblr slideshow?

Below are a few good reasons to add tumblr slideshows to your content creation mix:

1. They’re simple to create

Creating a tumblr slideshow on Opinion Stage only takes a few minutes. Once you have the slideshow theme,  all you need to do is create an opening screen, the slideshow cards, and a closing screen.

2. They’re easy to customize

You can customize the appearance of your tumblr slideshows by using Opinion Stages’ extensive look & feel settings. You can choose from built-in options such as color themes and fonts or use the more advanced css override feature to fully match the appearance of the slideshow to your site and brand.

3. They’re easy to digest

Instead of overwhelming your audience with lengthy blog posts, you can use slideshows to present complex ideas in an easy-to-digest format.

4. You can capture leads

Creating  a tumblr slideshow is a great way to build your email list. You can do that by integrating a lead form inside the slideshow in a way that dramatically increases the number of leads you’ll get compared to using a standard form.

5. They’re shared in social media

Slideshows are one of the most shared types of content on the internet. Using Opinion Stage’s integrated sharing options, you can increase the traffic on your site and the time users spend on it

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