Tumblr Slideshow – How to Add Slideshows to Tumblr Sites

Creating a tumblr slideshow on Opinion Stage is similar to creating a slideshow on Powerpoint. The only difference is that your tumblr slideshows can be embedded on different pages across the internet, whereas Powerpoint presentations can only be viewed if you have the right software.

So why should you add slideshows to your content marketing campaigns? Below are a few good reasons:

1. They’re simple to create

Creating a tumblr slideshow on Opinion Stage only takes a few minutes. You can quickly create your opening slides, slideshow cards, and closing cards and integrate your slideshow with your favorite third party applications.

2. They’re easy to customize

You can customize the look and feel of your Tumblr slideshows by using Opinion Stage. Want to use a different font of each slide? or change the color scheme of your slideshow to match your brand colors? Just select the right option and you’ll be ready to go.

3. They’re easy to digest

Instead of overwhelming your audience with lengthy blog posts, you can use slideshows to present highly complex ideas in an easy-to-digest format.

4. You can capture leads

Creating and sharing a tumblr slideshow is a great way to build your email list.

Now that you understand the advantages of this marketing technique, here’s how you can add a Tumblr slideshow to your Tumblr post/page:

1) Create a slideshow using the Create a Slideshow form.

2) Locate the slideshow you created in the Dashboard and click on the “Add to Site” button next to it.

3) Click on the “Landing Page” option and copy the link.

tumblr slideshow

4) From your Tumblr account dashboard, click on the posting option labeled “Link.”

tumblr slideshow

5) Paste your URL in the box that appears and click “Post.” Feel free to add tags if needed!

tumblr slideshow

You’re done, the Opinion Stage slideshow was added to your Tumblr site!

Ready to create your first Tumblr slideshow?

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