How to Use a Quiz to Generate Leads

Quizzes are one of the most effective methods of lead generation out there – much more so than a static, unengaging contact form. 

Higher Fill Rate and Automatic Segmentation

Think about it: users are willingly taking your quiz, entering their preferences from a variety of options – it’s an ideal opportunity to gauge this interest by asking users to enter their contact information. This is a much more effective approach than a one-dimensional contact form, guaranteeing a higher fill rate than an uninspired, unrelated and static form.

Plus, by asking a user to enter their contact information – name, phone, email etc – such as Opinion Stage’s form, below:

…a user’s information is directly associated with their responses, which makes potential leads (as they become after entering their contact details) much more segmented, in multiple ways. 

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Target Your Ideal Users

Using a quiz for lead generation is an automatic exercise in targeting and segmentation.

So, for example, if you own a pet store, you could have separate quizzes designed to appeal to cat owners, dog owners, reptile owners and more – with questions and images tailored to each specific target.

Get Users To Market For You

If your users take a quiz, love it and share it – your products or services are gaining exposure, and completely organically. And, the more exposure your quiz receives, the more leads it generates, which in turn generates more leads with every share, like and comment. It’s exactly the type of word-of-mouth marketing which can help grow your company.

Escort Users Through the Funnel

Using quizzes as lead conversion is guaranteed to ensure more conversions, more often. With more engaged users, eagerly answering questions, it is much less likely they will abandon an action halfway through – and, much more likely they will evolve into a lead.

As each question seeks to push users to a purchase/solution (and, as mentioned above, all the while gathering segmentation data for you), it’s practically a no-brainer to use quizzes as a highly engaging lead-capturing solution.

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