Wix Poll – how to add polls to Wix sites

To add a Wix poll to your Wix site/page:

1) Create a poll using the Create a Poll form

2) After the poll is created, locate the poll you created in the Dasboard

3) Click “Embed” next to the poll you created, and copy the JavaScript code from the Script tab


4) From the Wix account dashboard, select the “App Market” button


5) Search for an App that will embed your poll onto your page ( in this example we used the app “HTML Iframe / Embed”)

6) Add the App to your site


8) Select the HTML code “Mode” option and paste the JavaScript code you previously copied into the body of your post

9) Click “Update” and the poll will appear on your Wix page

You’re done, the Opinion Stage poll was added to your site!