How to add a Wix Quiz to your Wix Site

1. First create the quiz 

2. Once you’ve finalized the quiz creation, navigate to your Opinion Stage dashboard. Choose the quiz you would like to use, and select the ‘Embed’ option.

3. Select the ‘Script’ tab, and copy the code you see there:

How to add a Wix Quiz

Top tip: Hold down CTRL + A to select the entire code in the box, then hold down CTRL + C to copy everything you see selected. Later, you can also use CTRL + V (held down together) to paste your code in the right place.

4. Open your Wix site’s editor (your main site management dashboard – the URL should begin ‘…’). Click the ‘+ Add’ button on the left-hand sidebar, and hover over the ‘More’ title (it’s the last option in the list)

How to add a Wix Quiz

5. Choose the ‘HTML Code’ option. You should see a gray box appear, with an ‘Enter Code’ button. Click it. You should see this appear:

How to add a Wix Quiz

6. Make sure you’ve selected ‘Code’ (as in the box above) – now’s the time to paste what you copied from your Opinion Stage dashboard earlier (or use CTRL + V to do so). After you’ve done so, click ‘Update’.

7. Your Opinion Stage quiz will now have been added to your Wix page. Place it wherever you like by dragging the container there.

Adding a Wix Quiz – Best Practices

  • Try to grab your user’s attention: your Wix quiz should include engaging images. There is usually a lot of focal points on a  Wix-designed site, meaning your Wix quiz should be clear and inviting to your user’s eye. The best tip we can give you is to include focused, relevant images.
  • Use your Wix quiz for a specific purpose, such as where a question or idea can be developed further, or to give you a better chance to generate leads. It’s a high-engagement rates guarantee.
  • It may sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised – make sure your Wix quiz is clearly related to the content you’re adding. Irrelevant quizzes confuse your user, and could even cause them to leave.
  • Keep your Wix quiz simple and straightforward – the best quizzes add user value by being subtle. Clickbait titles or outrageous images are a definite no-no. An extra tip: your Wix quiz should not serve as the main focal point of your site – it’s there as a content add-on.

Adding a Wix quiz to your site is an engaging and user-friendly way to upgrade your site’s experience. Your users will interact with your content, and you can reap the rewards (and the data!) this brings.

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